wellness: training with nike


Earlier this year, I made the decision to change my diet, and get active.

The goal: To lead a healthier lifestyle!

Ironically or divinely ( you be the judge) the decision came right around Lent season, a time where my pastor led the congregation into abstaining from sugar, red meat, bread, and dairy for 40 days.

I was made aware of the fast on March 6th 2019… The fast began on March 7th. I wasn’t mentally prepared for the effects the latter would have on my body.

It took me a little over 2 weeks for me to adjust to my new norm. Extreme fatigue, irritability and sugar cravings are a few of the symptoms I experienced while my body detoxed.

Weeks after that detox, I joined Nike and met up with some of the city’s media influencers at On Your Mark to train with Nike Master Trainer, Emily Hutchins.


We were joined by the Chicago Red Stars and briefly discussed their training… shortly after, our trainer Emily led me to what felt like a slow painful death.

In hindsight, the workout was timely, specifically paired with my new eating habits… It did my body good.

photos : Nike