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It’s been a little over a week since I attended The Millions Conference and I’ve been waiting for days to find the right words to verbalize my experience, and though I truly believe that there are in fact NO words to describe the conference, I will certainly try my best to detail this intangible yet very tangible event.


I’ve been going over my notes for the last few days, some of which I can’t read because so many gems were dropped my hand couldn't write fast enough, now I can’t even read my own handwriting.

So for the sake of time, I will highlight what stood out to me.

It is solely through her unvawered obedience that myself and those who attended were able to witness and be part of such a life changing event.

I attended the millions conference last year and though it was good, there was something different about this one, it may very well be that my spiritual life had changed and I’m not the same person I was last year.

You receive things differently when God changes you, but that’s for another day.


Let’s move on to my 5 Major Takeaways.

  1. Expect Goodness and Mercy to Follow You -

    Ever want something so bad that, that’s all you see everywhere you go? I remember when my husband and I were trying to conceive and I was having a hard time getting pregnant. And everywhere I went I saw pregnant ladies. It’s almost like everyone was pregnant but me. Tiphani mentioned that we need to change the way we see things and start believing that goodness and mercy does follow you. Trust me, it works.

  2. Know your Identity … in God

    There’s been a lot of talk on knowing who you are and your worth online, but unless your worth is in God, I promise you that you will always feel empty. There are plenty of rich people out there who are not fulfilled spiritually because their identity is in material things or validation from others.

    Don’t be that person.

  3. God’s Wisdom will Always trump Men’s Wisdom

    Look, I’ve always known this, but it’s been a recurring message for me, and now, more than ever, every decision I make goes through God. From who I work with, I’ve worked with people and companies I shoulnt’t have worked with and chose to move forward with when the warning signs were there. Look my time is too precious to be wasted on things God hasn’t called me to soooooo, yeah! No more moving on my own. He knows best.

  4. Master your craft.

    Master your craft. I’ve been doing that very thing since coming back. I’ve got plans to leave a legacy for my daugthers and their children’s children, both financially but most importantly spiritually, in order to do that I need to work and master both my faith by spending time in my Word and my craft as a digital creator so that my prices are non negotiable. Forget what the internet is telling you about charging your rate and add taxes, it sounds good but the question is are you worth that tax? You can’t ask to be paid for something you haven't mastered. What experience do you have and are you getting better? Why should people pay you? Are you worth what your’e asking for? Once you become the master of your craft no one will be able to negotiate with you and you will be able to walk away from deals. Shoutout to CJ for those gems.

  5. Be Fruitful, Multiply, Have Dominion, And Subdue

    Your life has to produce fruit. What fruit are you producing, are you multiplying that fruit. As a Kingdom entrepreneur you have to be able to have dominion and subdue the areas to which God has called you. If not: “what is you doing baby?”

There were so many takeaways, if I were to share them all with you this post would never end but I will close with this:

At the beginning of the year I knew it time for me to pivot. I created a new site, changed all my social handles to my name and God has been sending me the ressources I need to create something of substance that would impact those that have been appointed to me. The clarity I received on my next moves were given to me while attending Millions.

I was called to do great things and so were you.

When God is your CEO there’s nothing you can’t do as long as you follow His lead.

Hope this blessed you, and if you didn’t attend the conference there’s a replay available here.

Write soon.

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