motherhood: supermom


I left corporate america in may of 2018 to be home with my daughters and to pursue other endeavors, and as excited as I was to be home and present with my girls, I never imagined how physically and emotionally taxing it would be.

the first few months were great, a walk in the park.

but as days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, I questioned my sanity and wondered if I made the right decision.

Between entertaining my four year old, handling my house and life, your girl was tired.

I had worked for corporate america for 5 years prior and although I worked from home, I had a wonderful nanny who would come 5 days a week. I had a routine that was uninterrupted and life was good.

It took me an entire year to adjust and find a pace that worked; one that would enable me to be present for myself and my family as well as allow me to invest more time to create, write and so forth.

for a long time, I thought I could do it all and believed that the term supermom meant one who does it all incessantly.

Why did I think that?

because I come from a lineage of strong women who did it all and I somehow assumed that in order to be super(mom) I too would have to do it all.


not so.

I now recognize that those women as strong as they were, probably had to do it all based on circumstances that were greater than them.

I’d like to think that if the help was available to them they would have gladly accepted.

I say this to say in order to put the “super” in the mom, accepting or asking for help does not in any shape or form dilute your abilities as a mother, it actually empowers you to do more for your family, and yourself.

what I know to be true is that I’m my best when my tank is full and that the “super” lies in my ability to first admit that I need help, seek it and /or accept it when it is offered.

To me:

super mom means not having to do it all and be okay with it.

supermom means that some nights you may need assistance from Chick Fil - A for dinner.

supermom means do your best and leave the rest.

And for the reasons listed above, I am supermom.

Curious to know what supermom means to you, feel inclined to share? Drop it below.

Write soon.

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