life: it's a new day


The feeling is often bittersweet when time comes to move on from what you’ve been accustomed to in order to embrace something new.

In 2012 I launched milk and honee blog; a new mother at the time, I felt it was necessary for me to create an online space that would not only encourage me but other mothers navigating the seas of motherhood.

The 7 years I spent writing at MNH have been extremely rewarding in both my personal and professional life. , Through that platform, I’ve been able to meet women who I now call sisters, furthermore, MNH has enabled me to expand my creative writing in ways I never thought imaginable and opened doors I never knew existed.


I’ve wrestled with the idea for a long time, the idea of leaving the hundreds of posts I wrote to start anew. And boy oh boy was it nerve wracking.

So I sat back and thought it through, and as I sat there trying to stay in a place of comfort I was reminded of the following: You can’t put new wine into old wineskins.

Milk and Honee served me well, over the years, I was able to build an organic loyal following and I am so very thankful for that.

But I believe in pivoting and embracing change. Though my purpose remains the same, to serve through creativity, the call is greater.

I am a multifaceted woman with loads of interests and I plan on using this space to showcase every single one of them through storytelling, mine and yours.

Plus radical obedience is the name of the game. If you know… You know, and I can only be who I’ve been created to be and that’s Charlotte.


If you’ve been wanting to take a leap of faith, let the following be a reminder that as uncomfortable as growth may be, squeezing into spaces you’ve outgrown is even more uncomfortable.

When I’m not writing here, you can catch me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. or Linkedin.

milk and honee will be up until the end of the month (may 2019)

Write you soon.