faith: It's Your Call


If you’ve ever considered doing something that you know God called you to do, but was consumed by fear or the opinions of others, let me tell you to put your feelings aside and do what He’s called you to do..


Funny thing is, a series of events took place this week that absolutely confirmed the direction in which I should go and the real reason why I haven’t done so ( more on that later) -

One of the many confirmations was a newsletter I WROTE ( Praise God for the words) because the letter was good. I will share the actual letter I sent out below, but before I do, let me say this:

STOP and do what you’ve been called to do.

Even if you don’t know what the next step is, take the first one, and the one after that.

Grant it, some circumstances in life disable us from moving forward, but often it is simply not taking the first step.

As mentioned, I’ve had a series of confirmations this week that clarified many things, and if you, like me, need confirmations, consider this it.

Link to newsletter here

Hope it helps you.

Write soon.